Friday, March 22, 2013

Breaking and Entering...

The mailbox.

That's right everyone. I, Kinsey Brockie, tried to break into our mailbox this afternoon. I am expecting a cell phone in the mail because my current one is out of commission. It was supposed to arrive Thursday but given the reliability of the Montreal mail system of course it was late. Of all days, the mail key decided to fall out of my pocket on my way to school and with all the snow and slush it is never to be seen again.

After contacting Mary, Mansoor's trusty  assistant, she said that Mansoor would drop a key off this afternoon. We weren't home and apparently he didn't get the 'leave it under the doormat' option. Great.

Thus I had no choice but to try and break in. I tried a paper clip, a hanger, a plastic knife, the mail key of the girls next door...No dice. I even watched how-to videos on youtube. The worst part is, is that when I peak in through the cracks at the top I can SEE the envelope. So close...yet so far.

Thankfully Mansoor is coming to the rescue first thing in the morning. Let's just hope he doesn't think to check the supposed 24 hour security cameras...Or I may never post on this blog again.

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