Monday, December 3, 2012

Meow! Hisssss.

Last night Tupper had a special feline visitor.

But before I tell you about that, I need to tell you about Kinsey's and my trip to the grocery store.

We needed strawberries, cream cheese, pita bread, and frozen fruit--strange combination?--so we zipped out to our "favorite" grocer, Supermarché PA. The store itself was unusually calm and uneventful, but on our way out, we ran into Kathy.

Kinsey knows Kathy from two of her classes, and we got to chatting. The conversation went something like this...
Kathy: "Do you live around here?"
Kinsey: "Yeah, just around the corner actually."
Kathy: "So random!"
Kinsey: "Do you? We're just on Tupper..."
Kathy: "Me too..."
Kinsey: "You don't live in 1900, do you?"
Kathy: "Yeah..."
Kinsey: "Which apartment?!"
Kathy: "Number 6."
Katherine: "We're your noisy neighbors upstairs!"
What are the odds! We talked for a while longer, and learned Kathy has a kitty. So we promptly invited her to bring sweet little Joey for a visit.

Much squealing ensued.

Then Joey got restless so Kathy took her home, with Kinsey promising to kitty-sit whenever necessary. (Kinsey, by the way, tried to convince me last year to let her foster a kitty in the apartment. I said no.) And I made two new friends in one day! Meow!

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  1. I'm totally stalking your blog :) come and pet her anytime