Sunday, December 2, 2012

Welcome to Tupper Papa Neuf!

Last weekend my dear ol' pops made his yearly (at least) visit to Tupper. 

The highlight for me would have to be our Friday dinner at KAZU. This restaurant is MAYBE 15 steps from our apartment and there is a line up out the door EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's a Japanese restaurant and there are literally only 6 tables inside. I'd yet to gather the gusto to wait in that line up but I figured it must be worth the wait or people wouldn't do it in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, you name it (which they do). And so we waited. We arrived at 5, it opens at 530. This is definitely the way to go. We were 2nd in line and got to sit at the bar which looks into the tiny kitchen where the four cooks are crowded into their stations. Dad took some great photos. What an experience! Thankfully we'd looked at the menu online before going in, but we still had no clue what some of the dishes were! We ended up having "fried ravioli" which are basically dumplings, a BBQ chicken and tofu soup, a pickled ginger pork rice bowl and dad had a shrimp burger! SO YUM. I'd definitely go wait again. 

I'm sure the highlight for my Habs fan father was the tour of LE CENTRE BELL (read with French accent). He's been wanting to do this since my first year in Montreal, but it's only now that there's no hockey that they had a tour available the weekend that he was here (tradeoff: usually we go to a game!) The tour was pretty cool though. From the top left, clockwise: Dad and I sitting on Jean Beliveau's couch in the Player's Alumni Lounge. This couch is reserved for Monsieur Beliveau and his wife when they go to a game and no one else sits in it out of respect for them (except us...hopefully my buddy JB never sees this post!), original plaque from the old forum which is in the dressing room above the door. The players tap it with their sticks on the way out for good luck. Next is a look into the dressing room itself! We learned that players are fined $100 if they step on the logo in the middle and the money is given to charity. They also leave all their equipment inside and then the raise and drop the temperature of the room overnight to clean it! Can you say STINKY? Next is dad giving his first press conference, and then sitting on the players bench! Beside him is a photo of our dear friend monsieur Jean Beliveau himself and finally I am sitting in a replica of the dressing room in the Habs Hall of Fame! GO HABS GO! 

It's always a pleasure to have you pops! Thanks for visiting! 

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