Friday, November 30, 2012

Queens of Clean

I have very few complaints about Tupper's management. But one thing was really getting on my nerves: the filth accumulating in the stairwell leading up to our apartment. From dust bunnies to cobwebs and all sorts of frightening grime in between, Tupper had it all.

Last year I believe the innards of the building were cleaned maybe once, and this year's frequency was shaping up to be no better. With salt and sand and gravel from the snow and ice outside an impending reality, the Tupper girls convened and decided to put a call into Mansoor to stop this insanity before it got too out-of-control.

Two days later, the place is spotless. (Though I wouldn't have complained had the marble been polished.)

That's us... always looking out for our beloved building.

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