Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pizza Picnic

We spent the day in our PJs writing and studying. Cooking was the last thing we felt like doing, so we went on the Internet to compose the most complicated PizzaPizza order ev-er (they let us customize our pizzas, and we capitalized on this opportunity). For instance, my high-maintenance order consisted of under-baked crust, with extra sauce and cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and grilled red peppers on the left side, and pineapple and chicken on the right side.

Of course, Emily hopped in the shower and ten seconds later the pizza arrived. Hence, the photo that follows. Then she had her pizza box backwards and couldn't get it open in time for the camera timer. Noob.

Disclaimer: these pizzas are our lunches and dinners for the next three days. (Judge not lest ye be judged.)

I leave you with the lyrics to one of my favorite songs.

Ô, je suis une pizza
Avec du fromage
Beaucoup de sauce
Des tomates
Des oignons, des champignons
Épices mélangées
Jeeeee suisssss une pizzaaaaa
Prête à manger!

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