Saturday, June 9, 2012

High (Iced) Tea

I'll have none of that juice crystal iced tea (at least, not today...). Kinsey sent me a fruity orange-mango-peach green/black tea blend to try. Given the mid-twenties temperature today I figured I'd work some magic and ice my own tea.

As a side note, it must look like I never leave the apartment-- I swear I do. But with this happening just blocks away, at least this afternoon, studying is better conducted indoors.

I digress! Iced tea.

1. Take a fruity tea (like David's Tea Paradise Found)--or plain black tea if that's what floats your boat--and steep it stronger than you might typically drink it.

2. Add sugar, to taste, keeping in mind the sweetness will be somewhat diluted when you...

3. Pour over (flower-shaped) ice cubes and a generous squeeze of lemon juice.

4. Put in your ear plugs, get out your textbook, and sip away.

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