Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Beginning

I am currently sitting at our kitchen table listening to Ben Rector (a favourite musician of ours), with peanut butter cups and an ice tea, reflecting on our beginning: how we all met and how we ended up here in 1900 Tupper.

Kinsey and I met on one of the first days of our first year. We were both waiting in line to see an academic advisor and as I glanced back at the line behind me I saw her sitting there with a flyer for the Christian orientation weekend (Fish Frosh). I quickly gathered up the courage to ask her if she was going to be attending and told her that I would be. Instant friends. :)

Kinsey informs me that she saw Katie at the Fish Frosh pancake breakfast and here I quote, “I thought she was soooo beautiful, so instead of being intimidated, I asked her to eat breakfast with me!” They quickly realized they lived in the same residence and so they began to accompany each other to many of the events. Through Kinsey I met Katie. And that was the beginning of our friendship.

When March rolled around, we discussed living together. At the time I was waiting to hear from my roommate (the lovely Morgan) as to whether or not she would be sticking around for the next year. For a few weeks, I wasn’t sure our dream of living together would become a reality.

Finally I was able to tell Katie and Kinsey they were getting another roommate! Practically the next day Kinsey informed me of our appointment with Mansoor (a man you will hear much more about in the future). Thankfully my mom was visiting that week so she was able to see the apartment as well, which was completely under renovation at that point.

We instantly loved the apartment—especially the exposed brick! With the swift signature and chequebook of Mama Neuf, the place was ours!

So that’s the story of the girls of 1900 Tupper and how we came to be!

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