Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good Morning!

This morning certainly has been a good morning! I woke up bright 'n early, put on my parka and went for a Starbucks run! I came back with fresh Montreal bagels and coffees for all, courtesy of the most generous Kayla Benfey who had visited us last semester and lovingly sent us a Starbucks card as a thank-you for hosting. The three of us sat around our tiny kitchen table sipping our extra hot coffees and got right to work! In preparation for a first time visiter, Miss Kelsey Bowyer (and just for ourselves) we took a study break to clean, clean, clean! Our cupboards are now perfectly organized thanks to Katie and our bathroom is sparkling! There's nothing like a Starbucks coffee to get us started in the morning! What a productive day it has been already! THANK YOU KAYLA!

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