Friday, January 27, 2012

Taste of Thali

It's been two weeks since our last trip to Thali, the Indian restaurant just around the corner. After a long week of homework, rain, and snow, we decided it was time to pay a little visit to Gurpreet and our friends at Thali. Famous for their $9 take-out special, Thali provides the perfect Friday night dinner. Obviously we all ordered combos as we couldn't resist both the butter and curry chicken dishes, alongside piles of rice, divine naan bread, a chintzy excuse for a salad, the vegetable dish of our choice, and free samosas for befriending the owner!

After enjoying our dinners and attempting to calm our flaming taste buds, we got to thinking-- how funny would it be if we tried to learn the Jai Ho dance...

Pip-pip Thali-ho! 


  1. of course the samosa had to make an entrance. shows that you're still a proud white-chocolate-covered-raisin...brown people love their food! :)