Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Life

This past weekend I had the opportunity to babysit for our pastor Dwight and his wife Jess (as Kinsey already mentioned). Little Nehemiah and baby Malachi. What a delight! Hangin' out watching Curious George, eating pizza and playing basketball and then feeding Malachi when he woke up. It couldn't have gone better! What bundles of joy those two are!

Then on Saturday evening I had my hands full looking after 5 kidlets (from 2 families) between ages 2 and 7 while their parents were out at a church event. I had a helper so that was nice when trying to get everyone to bed at the same time but the kids were great. It was fun to play games and eat ice cream with them.

On Sunday it was my week to be in the nursery at church so I hung out with little Ollie who I'd looked after the evening before. We coloured and played with trucks and watched VeggieTales (you're never too old for VeggieTales. That is for sure.)

By the end of nursery I was absolutely exhausted but I joined Katie and Kinsey for the end of the service during which they were doing baptisms. Little 5 year old Ben (who I'd also babysat on the night before) declared his desire to live for God and his dad and pastor Dwight submerged him in the kiddie pool (yes, a kiddie pool) and to see him come up out of that water brought so much joy to the entire congregation. The place absolutely erupted. Two others were baptized as well and to see their families and friends surround them with encouragement and love brought tears to my eyes. It was such a great reminder of Jesus' life and sacrifice and how he is working in people's lives. Jesus offers us the gift of new life in Him and all we have to do is accept it. Amazing.

For anyone wanting some awesome worship music I'm currently listening to The Ember Days and loving it! Check it out!

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