Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coffee Culture

This week, in order not to be too lonely in our little apartment I looked up the most popular cafés around and decided to spend time studying and reading at a different one every day.

1. Myriade: I enjoyed this lovely latte while waiting for the torrential downpour to end :) 
The café is fairly small but cozy and I'm sure people would have sat outside on the terrace if it had been nice out! 

 2. Café Lili et Oli: I almost missed it walking by! I loved the wooden shelves on the walls with books and china. It has a really unique atmosphere and I treated myself to a delicious and refreshing iced coffee. I'd definitely go back there again, next time with a friend. (Malorie!?)

3. La Bistrote: Absolutely adorable! They served me my very own thirst quenching PITCHER of lemonade and a generous piece of carrot cake and that super cute bucket for cutlery! (I realize this doesn't seem like a café but I saw lemonade on the menu and just couldn't turn it down). The decor in this place was really neat - a great place for a girls lunch date I think! ...couldn't quite figure out why it was absolutely empty the entire time I was there...

4. I'm sad to report that Toi, Moi et Café was under renovation (or closing?). Either way it was all papered up so I couldn't go in :( 

5. Nocochi: LOVED it! I chose to sit outside to enjoy the warm sunshine but inside were white comfy booths, lots of scrumptious cookies and teas and cute gift ideas!   


And that is how far my money lasted me...just in time for Katie to return tomorrow! 

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