Sunday, October 21, 2012

Poutine, Please

Smoke's Poutinerie recently opened here in Montreal and we went last night for an inaugural poutine. An inaugural poutine? Allow me to explain... In preparation for the World Poutine Eating Championship, we, Tupper girls, are now commencing a strict diet of potatoes and cheese curds,  with gravy to wash it all down. Forget the daily grind, the championship title will soon be ours!

.... But not actually, because we work way too hard on our morning runs; and in my opinion look far too pretty to be recklessly hounding back pounds of poutine like these weirdos in Waterloo. Although anybody who knows me can attest that this is my kind of competition and I may or may not have a shirt that says I (heart) Poutine...Maybe next year.

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