Monday, January 14, 2013

Saturday Night in Review

Saturday night on Tupper was a tea, dessert, and nail polish kinda night. After a hectic first week, a quiet evening among friends was just what the doctor ordered. Kinsey baked a cake! Paula and Katelyn showed up wearing their wellies and so I dubbed this development the Great Wall of Hunter. We shellacked and painted our nails and it was a lovely time.

Now, I present to you: The Anatomy of a Selfie.
1. Squeeze in tight, and cut out Katelyn's head.
2. Include everyone's face, yet become frustrated at the size of your own head relative to the others'. Become self-conscious.
3. Use humor to shield yourself from criticism of having a large head (HI NATALIE).
4. Rearrange, and eventually take a pic that everyone agrees is acceptable.

Finally, a a grand announcement:

All together, we finalized the details of our spring breaks on Saturday as well.


Us five--Kinsey, Emily, Katelyn, and Paula--are going to take Orange Lake by storm. The packing list is already long. We are so excited (for the lazy river and minigolf showdown, in particular) and grateful for the opportunity of an (affordable!!!) sunny vacation. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Brockie!!!

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  1. This may be one of my favourite posts yet. Can't wait for the post-Florida update to come!