Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Tribute to Morgan Baker

We had a very special visitor this past week at 1900 Tupper. My old roommie Morgan came to stay with us! She now goes to school in Wisconsin and since they don't go back to class until the end of January  it was perfect timing for a visit!

Morgan brought lots of excitement and energy to our little apartment and it was so great to have her here. She has a way of getting me out of my comfort zone and I've missed our adventures so much. Last year we went tobogganing on cafeteria trays, ice skated, ran around town looking for Starbucks to eavesdrop on people's conversations-- the list goes on.

This year, in the four short days she was here, we managed to crash a Physics, Math and Computer Science party, taste yummy margaritas, bake chocolate chip cookie bowls to fill with ice cream, and hit up Igloofest (a giant outdoor winter concert). We also ate at our favourite restaurants Santropol and Cora's of course.  Morgan also got to run on Mont Royal (despite the -20 degree weather) and she even came to church with us for the first time!

Morgan has a very special place in my heart and she always will. She was my very first roommate and first year would not have been the same without her.  I am so glad we've been able to keep in touch and I hope that we will continue to. I'm so thankful for her friendship and it meant so much to me that she flew out here for a visit! Hopefully I can return the visit soon!

Igloofest in Vieux-Port


  1. Outstanding post, Em. So glad she came to visit you!

  2. i have the best roommate ever! <3 <3 <3