Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In Other Words...

Message from Professor Jim Nicell, Associate Vice-Principal, University Services
"Due to the severe recent rainstorm, numerous McGill buildings have experienced some water infiltration. Maintenance and security personnel are assessing the situation and beginning the clean-up."
i.e. FLOODING. Leave it to McGill academic types to invent new phrases to substitute for tried-and-true dummy-speak.

It's a jungle out there

Anyway, today Montreal experienced gale-force winds, lighting, thunder, and the heaviest rain I have ever seen (I was too engrossed in watching it all unfold that I didn't think to reach for my camera-- the very green shot of our "backyard" [above] will have to do). The streets went from dry to flooded in a matter of seconds, and apparently McGill's century-old buildings did too. Thankfully, Emily and I are high-and-dry up in Tupper, though we haven't escaped the heat and humidity! Fan to the rescue!

My new cooling contraption