Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In This Moment Now

I'm currently heading to bed after a great little chat with Em. We can't believe that after this semester we will be half-way done our undergraduate degrees! It's crazy to think how fast time flies and even crazier to think that I've only known Katie and Emily for a year and a half! It feels like so much longer than that. I am so blessed to have met such incredible girls who love Jesus so much and who are truly two of the most fun-loving and thoughtful people you'll ever meet. What a privilege it is to call them my best friends.

I could not have asked for better roommates and sometimes I wish we could be the girls of 1900 Tupper forever! (Although that would be an awfully long time to deal with Mansoor...) These are the days that we will long for in the future and I know that we will look back on them with the fondest of memories. People always say that university is the time of your life, and Katie and Em, as cheesy as this sounds, I've had the time of my life with you! I love you guys!

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