Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Your Beloved Mansoor..."

Last night, Katie and I were sitting in our rooms studying away until I received a phone call from a florist! I answered the phone and confirmed that yes, our address was 1900 Tooper... Katie and I then met in the hallway to figure out who would be home tomorrow to get the flowers. Thinking they were from someone very special, Katie stood by as I demanded that the florist break their privacy policy and tell me who the flowers were from. The women caved and told me that the card was signed, "Your beloved Mansoor."

I might as well have been kicked in the stomach because I could not breathe. Katie had no idea what was going on until I managed to explain that they were from Mansoor. MANSOOR?!? This is too good to be true. At this point Katie's knees gave way and she hit the floor, only to leave me on the phone with this poor, confused florist. After bursting into laughter, I felt the need to inform the passive voice on the other end of the line that the man she spoke of was our landlord. I apologized and hung up the phone, standing with Katie in utter shock, picturing our Iranian landlord Mansoor Asgharenejad at our door for Valentines Day.

...Was he sending flowers to all his tenants?...Is he trying to convince us to stay next year?...Is he impressed at how clean our apartment was after coming to inspect the toilet?...There's no way. Now, although we constantly joke about him, we are all quite fond of Mansoor and his unannounced visits at 7am on Sunday mornings. Being the great landlord that he is, I sometimes feel the need to talk about him...

It is all too coincidental that just last week I was raving about Mansoor and how I wish he would make more frequent visits to 1900 Tooper, to Brad Bowen. Brad of course thinks we're all just obsessed with Mansoor and finds it hilarious. Therefore the only possible explanation for the beautiful bouquet and chocolates that arrived at my door today, is that Brad had the florist sign my valentine as the one and only Mansoor! We all had a good laugh and hopefully this post does the story justice! Brad, thank you so much, I wish I could be with you today! Happy Valentines everybody! Xo

No, this is not me. 

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