Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Sweet It Is

Last week, Katie, Emily and I made a crucial new discovery...literally steps away from 1900 Tupper...there is a dessert place. This is not just your average crepes and cake, let me tell you. As you can see below, we had our own mini campfire where we roasted our own marshmallows and made chocolate peanut butter s'mores. Not drooling yet? Read on. We also shared a fondue with fresh fruit, brownies, and little waffle stars, which we dipped in a divine mix of dark chocolate and peanut butter.

Cacao 70 is super eclectic and really cozy. As soon as we got there they brought us samples of their 'hot chocolate' which is literally liquid chocolate. After we had finished our dessert we looked around the restaurant and got to chatting with some of the staff, asking them about their favourite desserts and chocolates. They have chocolate from all over the world and we got to sample some from Tanzania and Mexico! I can say without a doubt that we will be returning to Cacao very soon, (Emily already has), and we're currently scheming up a plan to swipe that mini campfire so we can roast our own marshmallows 24/7. If you're ever west of campus, check it out and then stop by 1900 Tupper and tell us all about it!

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