Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mawage Is What Bwings Us Togeva Today

Well folks, it's finally happened. I have reached the age where my friends are starting to get married. Yesterday the lovely Lauren Hauck and Dayton Kruitbosch were engaged! This is exciting and frightening for me for many reasons. I went to elementary school with Dayton as well as high school and I became friends with Lauren through volleyball I think probably in grade 8 and then we became close in high school. The happy couple started dating in grade 10 and now here they are four years later planning their wedding! I have yet to hear the engagement story but I'm sure it's a good one! I have a feeling I might have to wait until our high school girls retreat in June to hear all the details though as Laur is probably THE most popular person I know and it's evident that she will be repeating the story thousands of times and probably not responding to most "congratulations tell me the story" emails. Anyways needless to say I am extremely happy for them. I just can't get it off my mind that my friends are getting married! I am not old enough to have married friends am I? This is crazy! Congratulations you two!

Dayton as sound man for our grade 8 production of The Sound of Music. 

This is how I still picture Dayton! 
(Grade 8 graduation) 

Laur and me at prom. 

And there they are. The happy couple! 

Maybe we should lend Lauren a part of our wedding magazine collection. We definitely have some to spare!

 This is a video Dayton put together. I'd say he did a pretty good job! Congratulations again! 

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