Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekend Festivities

This weekend 1900 Tupper had two very special visitors. While Katie was away visiting family, Brad and Jared came to town for a few short days. We spent lots of time in the apartment cooking delicious meals and playing games like Dutch Blitz, Headbands, and Catchphrase as well as lots of time out and about in Montreal.

Friday night Kinsey and Brad had a nice evening at The Keg in Old Town while Jared and I spent a lovely evening at the House of Jazz. Saturday we all contributed to making a big breakfast and then Jared and I went for a swim at the YMCA while Kinsey and Brad did some shopping at the Atwater Market. In the afternoon we all met up and spent time at the Biodome. We saw penguins and lynx and fishies and more! In the evening we celebrated St Patrick's Day all together. When we arrived home we sat around the living room enjoying Jared's guitar playing...and singing along rather loudly I might add-- definitely a bonding experience.

Brad left Sunday morning and Jared and I spent the gorgeous sunny day outside enjoying the St. Patrick's Day Parade (along with an estimated 300,000 other Montrealers) as well as lunch at Cacao 70, church and an evening poutine. Somehow I even managed to get a wee bit of studying done that night in preparation for my midterm the next day (which went well so don't worry!) while Jared serenaded Kinsey and me with worship music. Monday morning I said goodbye to Jared and sent him on his way.

Although it was sad to see the boys go (oops sorry boys, I mean men) Kinsey and I could look forward to the return of our much missed roommate! Katie got back on Tuesday and Kinsey I were happy to hear about her weekend away and wish her the happiest of birthdays!

All in all we are so thankful that our boyfriends (I can say that now for both of us--congratulations Kinsey and Brad!) could visit. They are wonderful young men and we treasure every bit of time we get to spend with them!

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