Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Do

Something very important happened today that may have changed my life forever.

On the way home from school, Emily and I stopped into the brand new Tiffany & Co. It was magical. The sparkly jewellery and blinding diamonds were almost too much to take in. Obviously we bee-lined to the engagement section and stood there breathless and in awe. Then of course we started squealing and the saleswoman couldn't help but share in our excitement. This is my second time in there...(I also stopped in yesterday for a little peek.) I just can't help it, it is on my way home after all! After commenting how beautiful everything was the saleswomen responded and said, "Ah yes, coming in here is like entering into a magical new world where everything is made better." Truer words have never been spoken. It was then that I expressed to her how I wished I were actually getting married so I could try on some of these sparklers. She told me to feel free to stop in any time and take a look since it would be beneficial for me when it came time to choose a ring. I assured her that I already knew exactly what I wanted and it was that moment then, that she read my mind. "Would you like to try it on?" she asked? "DO I?" I marched right over to the classic Tiffany setting and listened intently as she began explaining that it was, "The quintessential diamond, a classic for all of time." She proceeded to pull out the 2 carat honker and handed it right over to me. I kid you not, I had tears in my eyes as I tried on the $55,000.00 gem. It was a moment in time I will never forget, and most likely never get to experience again, but hey, a girl can dream can't she? 

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