Monday, March 12, 2012

Pilgrimage to Chris Tomlin

Bra chains and "liberated" women. Police on horseback and helicopters circling above. Commie newspapers ("JOIN THE WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION!" How about... no). Disgruntled protesters (what else is new). Horizontal rain and gale-force winds. Being separated from Kinsey and Emily then ending up pressed up against communists, smokers, and potheads in an exploding metro car. Add another metro, then a missed bus, and finally a caught bus to a poorly lit industrial district (like a Criminal Minds TV set). Getting lost and asking for directions en français à McDonald's (and scarcely resisting the urge to scarf down a BigMac in the meantime). Getting unlost. Sprinting through a boggy-marsh-field. Arriving (late) to our destination mega sweaty.

= Just a glimpse into our journey to see Chris Tomlin...

The pilgrimage to L'église nouvelle vie left something to be desired; thankfully, the concert did not! It was fantastic and we left encouraged and uplifted! I loved the opening band, All Sons and Daughters, too. Promptly purchased their CDs. Bonus - we got to meet Paula's lovely family, visiting from London, Ontario.

On a somewhat related note, I can't hear "Chris Tomlin" and not think of this video (hi Nat).

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  1. katie, where did you get such a nifty umbrella light from?