Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dream Tenant Status

Sometimes we have to  get to call Mansoor. You've all heard endless stories about our beloved Iranian landlord and now we finally have some footage. Recently we've been having trouble with our shower head-- it seems to have a mind of its own and tends to spray at 'funny angles'. Not to worry though, because Mansoor always sends 'a guy' to the rescue, usually within an impressive 24 hours.

As you'll hear in the video, we've also been experiencing some unwelcome guests-- some creepy crawlies to be exact; bees, centipedes, and tarantulas  spiders, to name a few. We finally realized it's because we may or may not have a HOLE IN THE WALL so they are free to fly right in whenever they feel like it. So basically when we're not complaining about/trying to fix the shower ourselves, we're busy catching bugs and it's not awesome.

If you've caught on and are able to understand Mansoor's accent, you'll know that this morning he sent an inspector from the city to do some sort of routine check. His assistant informed us that we would have the privilege of this somewhat unwarranted inspection because we have the neatest apartment in the building. The best part is, because of our dream tenant status, the 'guy' Mansoor sent to fix the shower and the wall said that he had no doubt Mansoor would willingly agree to cover the installation of dimmers in the family room/kitchen area, SCORE!

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