Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tupper Learns to Tango

We Tupper girls have decided that it's time to expand our horizons. I mentioned tonight (after watching a  Beyonce music video) that I regrettably never learned to dance and really wish I could. I have ZERO rhythmic talent and normally rely on Kevin James' moves in Hitch. See below.

Since those moves aren't exactly appropriate for formal occasions, the time has come for me to actually learn to dance. There's no better way than to drag my roommates along for the ride. (They also aren't exactly known for their 'moves.') Thankfully, our trusty 'Student Society of McGill Univeristy' (aka SSMU), offers $50 mini courses for just about anything. After looking up what they have to offer in the dance category, here's what we've narrowed it down to. Help us choose what to take in the poll to the right!

Argentine Tango

Looking for a fiery, passionate, energetic dance? Argentine Tango is perfect for you! Sign up alone and get ready to make some friends! Sign up with someone you’re dating and get to know each other much better! Or sign up with a girlfriend or boyfriend. Or find one there??  and let yourselves go! Release that school tension pent up during the semester with the drama and passion of the tango!

  • Women: Shoes with heels around 7.5cm both comfortable and slipppery
  • Men: Shoes not pointy and slippery
  • No running shoes 

Ballet - Beginners

Ever dreamed of growing up to be a Ballerina?  Is your favourite holiday activity seeing the Nutcracker ballet?? Not particularly. Sign up for this class and enjoy this magical extra-curricular activity. With a mix of dance, exercise, classical music, and a friendly atmosphere, this course has it all!

  • Tight clothes Dun dun dunnnn
  • White ankle socks NO knee socks

Ballroom Dancing

Add a new dimension to your life! Enhance your appreciation of music and awaken your dancing genes. Yes please! Ballroom dancing is not only fun, it is a great way to get active and meet people (no partner required!) Phew! It is a wonderful stress reliever, exactly what the professor ordered. Which professor do you have?


Have you always wanted to learn to break-dance? Duh. Do you want to impress your friends and show off your moves at a party? Do I?! Well now’s your chance to learn from one of Montreal’s finest b-girls! This class will cover the fundamentals of breakin’ top rock, footwork and freezes. Come ready to have fun and break a sweat!

  • Comfortable clothing Swag swag swag on you.
  • Running shoes *Kicks, pumped up kicks?

The dance of exaggeration, Burlesque requires skill and concentration. Concentration on what exactly? As a form of entertainment, Burlesque was developed during the time of vaudeville providing laughs, among other things ;) . Um ew. (I did not put that wink in) Come one come all and let’s have a little fun. What happens in Burlesque class, stays in Burlesque class. Have you heard of camera phones?

Hip-Hop - Beginner

Be part of the rich culture that is hip-hop! Emphasis on rich- we're talking grillz and serious blingggg $$. The class will focus on technique and musicality as well as developing freestyle confidence in a wide variety of hip-hop styles, including popping, b-boying / b-girling, what the heck, locking, vogueing/wacking, Is protective gear required? Should I bring a mouthguard to protect my grillz? and West Coast new school. Shout out to Van! Katie should be a natural at this. This class is designed for beginner dancers who have not taken Hip Hop before!

Salsa - Beginner

Mambo fever swept the US back in the 50s and 60s creating music at the time that was so revolutionary that much of it remains popular today. In the late 1960′s, the music and dance took a quiet transformation and resurfaced as Salsa in the 90s. Emily likes to eat salsa... In this course, we will pass on to you the spirit of salsa and teach you everything you need to find yourself moving on the dance floor. Arrrribaaaa! No experience or partner is required. Just bring your smile and a sense of humour as we are looking to have a very social class! That's what I like to hear! 

Swing Dance Beginners

Since the 1920s, Swing dance has become one of the most fun and energetic dances to try! Impress your friends and dates by showing them that there is more to Swing dance than just twisting and shouting! What more do you need? As one of our most popular dance Mini Courses, we’re sure that this class will leave you with a big smile on your face every week, even after a midterm. We guarantee it!! 

With all these options, we don't know what to choose! Katie's gunning for Burlesque but with a blog like this, there's not guarantee that "what happens in Burlesque stays in Burlesque" ;) Like Shakira, Emily's hips don't lie - not sure which category applies here, probably a mix of a few. We may not be opposed to taking more than one. And me? I wouldn't mind busting a move (or a bone for that matter) trying to break it down. I wonder if they'd be impressed with the worm...Kidding I actually want to do ballet and I do love the Nutcracker.

Take our poll (on the right sidebar) and let us know what you think because we're actually serious about this. Forget inner-tube water polo, we've moved onto something with a little more pizazz! 

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