Monday, November 5, 2012


On Friday night, Kinsey, Brad, Emily, Jared, and I trekked pleasantly strolled to the Corona theatre. This is a cool little venue (we saw Ingrid Michaelson play here last spring), so we were excited.

We get there, though, and learn the balcony (prime seating) is closed. Instead we are being expected to congregate on the warped, slanty hardwood of the main floor. The security guard isn't budging so we have no choice but to obey. None of the featured artists' music is particularly conducive to a "mush pit" (as my mother once adorably said), so we were left a little confused as to why the venue had neglected to provide us with seats. So we (or mostly I, some Jared) sat on the floor. (The concert was three hours long, okay.)

First act - Madi Diaz. She was cool, especially when we realized that she wasn't A Fine Frenzy, who played second. Apart from her dance moves (endless imitative entertainment), the music was good. Both these acts were a little--shall we say--stranger than we had anticipated. A Fine Frenzy played all new songs but one, so we felt a bit out of the loop...

Enter: J-Rad, or Joshua Radin. Kins and Em had seen him in concert before but I had not. The first thing that struck me about him was that he looks like Ben Bass, an actor in my favorite police drama, Rookie Blue. Second thing: the ugly toque he was sporting. (It was like a white bunny rabbit had died on his head.) He informed us that in each Canadian tour city, he'd picked up a local toque, and this fluffy getup was Montreal's contribution to the collection. Great.

His voice was beautiful and rich. My only complaint - he played for just forty-five minutes, way shorter than the rather outré A Fine Frenzy and M.D. Oh well.

To conclude, here's a snippet. Check out the hat before you close your eyes and revel in this man's angelic voice.

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