Saturday, November 17, 2012

When Jared Came to Montreal

Since Brad has gotten two posts about his visit to Tupper, I figured it's time I write something about Jared's time on Tupper too.

On Friday, I volunteered Jared and myself to make dinner for Kinsey, Brad and Katie before the Joshua Radin concert. Unfortunately, I neglected to take any photos of the process but our chicken roll ups with goat cheese and arugula and baked sweet potatoes stuffed with olives, feta and sun dried tomatoes were quite scrumptious if I do say so myself. They might even be competition for Kinsey's Moroccan soup and Chef Brad's breakfast sandwich.

Something from the weekend I did manage to capture on camera was our trip to the science center! Jared is quite the musician and the temporary exhibit was all about music so we had a great time exploring the interactive displays. Jared rocked out on the guitar and by the end we'd each made a composition! We also made a video in the broadcasting exhibit and then had fun sitting on chairs of nails, learning how pulley systems work and using our "brain power" to push a ping pong ball across a table!  

After our fun at the science center we rushed to meet Kinsey and Brad for dinner at our beloved Schwartz's. SO GOOD. I'm pretty sure Brad scarfed his sandwich down in under 30 seconds. 

All in all a great weekend! Great food, great company, great music, great fun! 
Now back to the books! It's almost finals time! 

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