Friday, November 9, 2012

Just Let It Brie

I'm having trouble thinking of good puns today... feeling kinda bleu... but ricotta read this post! Ahem.

The always-charming Louis visited Tupper for lunch after church last Sunday. (I met Louis through Kinsey when we were living in residence first year. He and his then-and-now roommate Tanguy are a blast, especially when we force them to play Catchphrase with us.) Louis thoughtfully selected a special cheese to complement the salad he made for us, and I asked to know more.

Embarrassed as he may have been, Louis launched into a lesson about this special cheese, Fourme d'Ambert. Not to worry: he didn't make an asiago of himself.

Thanks for the lovely lesson, Louis! It was grate. (I'm just milking this. I bet you're feta-p with me now. What sharp wit I have......)


  1. I love puns! Mine are never as gouda-s yours though :)

  2. you're punny, katie, said zahra in a nasal voice ;)